4 Types Of Evidence Your Attorney Will Use To Prove Lost Income After A Car Crash

17 November 2021
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A car accident can cause havoc in your life without warning. You might have to deal with a wrecked vehicle, emotional and physical injuries. Such injuries might prevent you from working and getting your paycheck. Thankfully, you can file a claim to recover lost wages. However, this process requires proof of lost wages before you receive a settlement. Here are four types of evidence your personal injury attorney can present to prove lost income. Read More 

Tips On Putting Together A Drunk Driving Case

14 September 2021
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According to studies, instances of drunk driving in the United States created a $132 billion burden on the economy and society in a single calendar year. The court systems are particularly heavy-ended and mindful of these cases as a result, which means that you have quite a few variables against you once charged. Understanding what you're facing, in addition to finding legal help, will allow you to move through this adverse time in your life to the best of your ability. Read More 

Six Things You Can Do To Deal With Stress Caused By Your Personal Injury Claim

8 July 2021
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Being involved in a personal injury case can be very stressful. Not only are you dealing with recovering from an injury, but you're also potentially dealing with medical bills, meetings with your attorney, and court appearances. You need to make an effort to deal with stress until you get through your personal injury claim. The following are six things you can do to deal with stress caused by your personal injury claim. Read More 

Your Truck Accident: Who’s to Blame?

8 June 2021
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Any accident is stressful, but if you've experienced a sudden accident with a commercial truck, it can be even more traumatic. The damage to your vehicle and your injuries might be considerable. Feeling eager to hold someone responsible and get some financial relief might be foremost in your mind, but the situation could be more complex than expected. You might want to immediately file a lawsuit, but unless you choose the correct, responsible party, you might not get the outcome you expect. Read More 

3 Factors That Determine the Amount of Settlements for Car Accidents Injuries

19 May 2021
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Many car accident victims don't know what to expect when they file for claims. If you do not have an auto accident lawyer as your legal representative, the insurance provider may take advantage and force you to settle for less. They may contact you with a proposed settlement, but where did the figure come from to provide such an amount? It doesn't just appear out of nowhere. You may also wonder whether it is a good idea to take the insurance company's offer and whether it would be enough. Read More