4 Types Of Evidence Your Attorney Will Use To Prove Lost Income After A Car Crash

17 November 2021
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A car accident can cause havoc in your life without warning. You might have to deal with a wrecked vehicle, emotional and physical injuries. Such injuries might prevent you from working and getting your paycheck. Thankfully, you can file a claim to recover lost wages. However, this process requires proof of lost wages before you receive a settlement. Here are four types of evidence your personal injury attorney can present to prove lost income.

1. Photos and video surveillance

For starters, your personal injury lawyer should prove that another driver was responsible for the collision. Photos of the scene of the accident and video surveillance are crucial to building an airtight case. In addition to that, images showing your injuries can prove that you are unable to work. This step is utterly crucial because it assigns liability to another party. Graphics, such as photos and CCTV footage, are needed when filing a claim for lost wages.

2. Medical records

Medical records are critical when it comes to proving lost income. Your personal injury attorney will help you to acquire a doctor's note. In other cases, you might need a disability slip to indicate that you won't be able to work. These documents indicate time off work that you need to recover. Additionally, medical bills are essential pieces of evidence for a strong case. Your attorney can get all this information and present it to your insurance company and employer.

3. Pay stubs and other vital wage documents

Pay stubs are crucial when calculating wage loss. If you take home an hourly or annual salary, your personal injury attorney can help you determine your earning capacity after a car crash. If you are self-employed, you can submit invoices and tax returns as well. Remember, copies of profit and loss statements might be helpful in this situation.

4. A letter from your employer

Your personal injury lawyer will also help you prove lost income by requesting a letter from your recent employer. This letter is critical in confirming the following details:

  • The number of hours you work
  • Your income
  • Number of absent days from work since the accident

A letter from your employer serves as proof that you've lost your wages due to physical injuries or disability.

Have you been in a car crash? To get compensation for lost income, you need an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner to collect the above types of evidence.