Tips On Putting Together A Drunk Driving Case

14 September 2021
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According to studies, instances of drunk driving in the United States created a $132 billion burden on the economy and society in a single calendar year. The court systems are particularly heavy-ended and mindful of these cases as a result, which means that you have quite a few variables against you once charged. Understanding what you're facing, in addition to finding legal help, will allow you to move through this adverse time in your life to the best of your ability. Let the tips in this article help you out when you need to know what steps to take.  

What do you have stacked against you with a drunk driving case?

Your first step with a driving-under-the-influence (DUI) case is knowing what kind of uphill battle you have. For one, a DUI is an expensive proposition even if you successfully represent yourself and avoid conviction. According to a survey, people typically pay roughly $6,500 in total on a DUI charge. 

There may also be potentially strong evidence against you that you will need to refute, which will require the help of a seasoned attorney. This will usually be due to a failed breathalyzer test with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 % or higher, or a failed field sobriety test that showed you didn't have your regular mental faculties or motor skills.

Further, there may also be some physical evidence of property damage if an accident occurred as a result of impaired driving. Go through the details and evidence so that you can apprise a drunk driving accident lawyer of your situation.

How can a drunk driving accident lawyer help you with your situation?

When you hire a DUI attorney, they will take the details of your case and put them all together to come up with a proper defense or another strategy to minimize the damage you suffer. Since they work on drunk driving cases, they understand the burdens of proof required and have years of case law to reference when assisting you. 

Check out the best attorneys in your state that specialize in these cases and find out their rates and what you're signing up for when seeking their representation. A DUI lawyer might charge you about $1,500 to $3,000 for their representation, depending on the complexities and length of your case. 

Are you prepared to see the case to its completion with a drunk driving accident lawyer? Start with these tips and book a consultation today.