Devastating Truck Crashes, Their Causes, And Legal Remedies For Injured Victims

1 December 2022
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Many companies use semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and tractor-trailers to transport goods. This means there are big rigs on the road at all times of the day. While these machines are essential in the transportation industry, they sometimes cause catastrophic collisions. Below are some devastating crashes that big rigs can cause, why they might occur, and the legal remedies for injured victims.

Some Catastrophic Truck Crashes

Sudden braking can result in a serious collision that may involve multiple vehicles. For example, a semi might block the road after crashing into another vehicle and rolling over. Such an accident can cause multiple other cars to collide and pile up, resulting in significant property damage and severe injuries. The same might also occur if truckers change lanes unexpectedly. In a case like this, the truck can cause a sideswipe or turning crash, resulting in several vehicles colliding.

Under-ride crashes can also be disastrous, causing life-threatening injuries or fatalities. This type of accident happens when a passenger vehicle slides underneath a big rig after the trucker stops unexpectedly. Rear-end collisions are also possible and often leave drivers and passengers with severe injuries. These also cause severe property damage, especially if they set off a chain reaction involving several vehicles.

You may be entitled to compensation for your losses if you get hurt in any of these collisions. However, this may only be possible if you file claims against the wrongdoers. Even so, determining who to sue and collecting the evidence needed to hold them accountable can be challenging. As such, you may consider hiring a truck injury lawyer to investigate the crash and prepare claims against the responsible parties.

Causes of Severe Truck Crashes

Collisions involving big rigs may happen because of fatigue, distracted driving, and impairment. Some truckers also cause crashes because of speeding and engaging in negligent behaviors. Still, there are instances where the trucker may not be responsible for the collision. For example, crashes can occur because of improper cargo loading, inadequate truck maintenance, or poor weather conditions.

In any case, because of a truck crash, you may suffer life-altering injuries that are likely expensive to treat and manage. Therefore, you may decide to sue the trucker, their employer, and other responsible parties. To this end, an accident attorney can help you recover your rightful compensation from all the wrongdoers. This will help ensure you don't have to pay for any crash-related expenses from your pocket.

If a truck driver hits you or gets you involved in a collision, you may be entitled to compensation. So, it is wise to contact an auto accident attorney to assist you in identifying the offenders and taking legal action against them. 

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