Fundamental Questions Your Personal Injury Lawyer Should Answer

4 February 2022
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Personal injuries can change the course of your life abruptly. Whether you got the injuries from a slip and fall accident or vehicle crash, you simply cannot prepare for them. First, you have to seek treatment, and the medical costs may be high. 

Then, you'll likely lose wages since you aren't going to work and still be forced to handle the tight-fisted insurance providers. The good news is that you don't have to deal with this alone. You can rely on a personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights and help you get a reasonable settlement. 

But, finding a suitable lawyer to work with isn't always easy. Here are questions you can ask as you search for legal representation.

What Difficulties or Issues Do You See with This Case?

As a victim, it's easy to think your case is straightforward and assume the lawyer will automatically get you the financial compensation you deserve. However, accident details vary, and after assessing the case, your lawyer may realize there are issues or difficulties. 

A seasoned lawyer will pinpoint the problems after carefully accessing the case facts and inform you if you have a chance of winning. This will assist you to know how much the case is worth financially so you can decide if you will pursue it or not.

Is the Insurance Company Likely to Settle the Case?

If you have ever dealt with insurance companies, you will know that they like making low-ball offers whenever they realize the injured has a valid case. They do this hoping the injured is desperate and will take the money even before accounting for all damages and injury costs. You don't want to make this mistake too. 

Having a lawyer who's competent at negotiating with insurance providers will increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. But, you will not get a definite answer to this question. What they will do is share insights on the strategies they'll use to get your compensation.

What Will Happen If the Case Goes to Trial?

If the insurance company gives a low offer, your lawyer may recommend that you reject it. Of course, it's better to settle, but if the offered amount isn't fair, the case should be tried in court. 

Make sure you get a personal injury lawyer who can take the case to trial and fight for maximum compensation. They need to know how to present the case and convince the judge that you deserve the amount you are asking for. Note that the original contingency fee increases once a case gets to court.

For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area.