Why a Black Box Might Help Your Personal Injury Case

22 March 2021
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When you have suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident, your ability to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident can make the difference when reaching a settlement with an insurance provider. One way to prove that the other driver is at fault is with the use of black box technology.

What Is the Black Box?

The black box, also known as an event data recorder, is a device that is used to monitor events such as the deploying of an airbag, applying brakes, and wearing a seatbelt. This device also monitors the speed of the vehicle. As a result, the evidence that is produced by the black box can be relevant in a personal injury case. 

While an older vehicle might not have a black box, the good news is that the vast majority of new vehicles come with this device installed. The device will record what happened moments before the car crashes. 

The Accident Crash Investigation

When working with a personal injury law firm, you will not only work with a lawyer but an accident crash investigator will examine the evidence to determine how the crash occurred. While they are able to learn a lot from any accident, their jobs are even easier with the help of black box technology.

The investigator might be able to determine that the at-fault driver accelerated at the time of the accident. This might be relevant if you're trying to argue that the driver was being aggressive and might have been suffering from road rage. 

Distinct Crash Events

The black box is able to record when distinct crash events occurred. Oftentimes, a crash might involve more than one collision. For example, a driver might hit a second driver and push the vehicle into a third driver. Distinct crash events can help you piece together what happened in a multi-car crash and assign the right amount of fault to each party.

How to Obtain the Black Box

There are no federal restrictions on who can access a black box. However, before you begin the process of obtaining a black box, you will want to ask for help from a personal injury lawyer. For example, the information found in the black box might actually hurt your case and you may want to look for other ways to bolster your case. But with a lawyer, you'll be on the right track.