Consulting An Auto Accident Attorney After A Road Rage Incident

12 March 2021
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Someone who has been injured because of a driver's road rage may encounter trouble dealing with the automotive insurance company. Scheduling a consultation with an auto accident attorney can provide insight as to whether the insurer is being reasonable or not. It might be possible to sue the driver if they have enough assets to pay.

Insurance-Related Problems

Most states have fault-based automotive insurance. The insurer of the driver responsible for the incident is supposed to pay up to the maximum of the policy. The company is not obligated to pay more. Sometimes the maximum is too low to cover all the expenses of a serious injury. In addition, the adjusters might find a way to blame the injured person for the collision. Then they could offer a low settlement or deny the claim outright. 

A smaller number of states require each policyholder's automotive insurance to cover medical expenses and property damage, no matter who caused the crash. Again, if the maximum amount of coverage is too low, the insurer is not obligated to pay more.

Road Rage

Terrible accidents have occurred because of road rage. Irate drivers become aggressive and reckless. They might have lost their temper when someone merged into traffic, causing the need for them or other drivers to brake suddenly. They may have become angry if a driver merely did not signal. Someone in front who was traveling too slowly could be another cause for outrage. 

The Issue of Antagonism

Insurance companies may find the injured person to be at least partly at fault if this individual did something to antagonize the other. Aggressive behavior, such as honking the horn or yelling a curse word are some examples.

The Problem With Prevention

People can find advice about preventing road rage incidents. However, the tips provided cannot help an innocent bystander who inadvertently becomes involved.

For instance, consider a driver that barrels around a sharp curve in the wrong lane while chasing the object of rage. This driver might run head-on into a vehicle going in the opposite direction. In another incident, an irate driver loses control of the car and collides with a car traveling alongside at highway speed. Some hot-tempered individuals race through a red traffic light while in pursuit. This can cause a serious collision.

Scheduling a Consultation

Accident attorneys provide free consultations so prospective clients can learn whether filing a lawsuit would be reasonable. Anyone who wants to schedule this service may do so through the attorney's website. Contact an auto accident attorney for more information.