How To Handle Being The Victim Of A Pedestrian Auto Accident

4 January 2021
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Were you involved in an auto accident where you were a pedestrian that was hit by another person driving a vehicle? If so, you are in a unique type of auto accident that likely resulted in a major injury. Here is what you need to know if you were injured in a pedestrian accident.

What Should You Do Immediately After An Accident?

You'll need someone's help immediately after the accident to gather the evidence that is going to help your case. Even if you feel like it is very obvious that the person driving the vehicle was at fault, it is possible that evidence will not be gathered due to you being the sole victim. If you're able to, call someone to come to the accident scene to take photographs, get contact information for any witnesses that are still in the area, and even communicate with the other driver to get their information. If you are being taken away to the hospital in an ambulance, having someone go to the accident site to handle these responsibilities without you will really help your case. You cannot guarantee that the police can gather all the necessary evidence for you. 

What Insurance Do You Use?

If you have health and auto insurance, you may be wondering what insurance you should be using to help pay for your accident. Be aware that your auto insurance can actually help pay for your injuries if you have coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. You should be using your own insurance to help cover your medical bills, and then go after the responsible parties insurance provider later on to pay you back for all those expenses. 

If you were involved in a hit and run accident and do not have a responsible party to sue, you'll need to use your own auto insurance coverage to get the compensation you need. However, you may discover that your own insurance company will try to not give you the amount of compensation you may deserve. As such, you may need a lawyer to go after your own insurance company to get the full value of your policy.

Does Jaywalking Complicate Your Accident?

Many people assume that jaywalking and not crossing at a proper crosswalk means that you have do not have case in a pedestrian accident. However, make sure that you understand your state laws and how it relates to jaywalking. Your state may give you the right of way no matter where you are crossing the street since pedestrians always have the right of way. There are exceptions when motorists do not have enough time to stop their vehicle, but for the most part you will still have a valid case.

For more information, contact an auto accident attorney.