How To Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement

16 December 2020
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Are you looking to seek compensation through an injury lawsuit? If so, you're likely looking for ways to maximize your settlement. Here are a few tips for getting the money you deserve to recover from the entity that caused your injury.

Never Believe An Insurance Adjuster

You will likely have some initial discussions with an insurance adjuster to discuss your injury and potential compensation. One thing to remember is to never believe what the insurance adjuster is saying. Your lawyer will advise you to listen to what they say and take notes but remember that an adjuster's job is to give you the least amount of compensation possible. The adjuster may say that they are making you a final offer or that they cannot do any better than the offer they are giving you. Your lawyer can help advise you about what parts of what they are saying are true and what parts are false in these situations.

Never Make the First Offer

There will come a point when the insurance adjuster asks you how much you are seeking for your personal injury. This is a big mistake since it puts a ceiling on how much your injury case is worth. Your lawyer can help get the insurance adjuster to make the initial offer since it can only go up from there. Your lawyer can help present the adjuster with your medical bills, injury documentation, and other related expenses and let them make a determination based on the facts of the case.

Always Tell The Insurance Adjuster What You Need

There is a very big difference between wants and needs in an injury case, and it is very important that you only discuss with the insurance adjuster what you need. Your lawyer can offer their assistance in this area by helping you word your response with the insurance adjuster. A lawyer will ensure that you always discuss your needs to make it clear what it will take to settle. If you give the insurance adjuster a settlement range, chances are high that they are not going to give you the top of your settlement range.

Always Receive Medical Treatment

The only way that your injury is going to be believed is if the injury is diagnosed by a medical professional and there are medical records that back up your claim. If you are trying to settle an injury and you have not seen a doctor about it, chances are high that it will not be considered by the insurance adjuster. Your lawyer will advise you to seek medical treatment when you are suffering from an injury since if it does not require a doctor then it will likely not lead to receiving compensation.

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