When Should You Contact An Attorney About A Birth Defect Case?

20 October 2020
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Everyone hopes for an event-free pregnancy, a safe delivery, and a healthy baby. Sadly, complications can happen during the pregnancy and at the delivery bed. Some health complications during childbirth cannot be blamed on anyone. For instance, if a child has a genetic defect like Down syndrome, the best thing the obstetrician can do is tell the parents about it, advise them, and leave the decision on what to do to them.

However, other conditions are entirely preventable when the right medical procedure is followed during the pregnancy and also at birth. If you believe your child was hurt by the reckless actions of the doctor during the pregnancy, at the delivery table, or after the delivery, you may be able to sue the doctor and the hospital for compensation. Here are three circumstances in which you should lawyer up and demand settlement.

If Prescription Medication Damaged Your Fetus

Most of the medication that is sold over the counter or by prescription normally has a contraindication for various health conditions. Drug manufacturers will indicate when a drug is not safe to use during pregnancy. If a doctor, pharmacist, or other medical practitioner knew you were pregnant during the time they gave you a prescription, and they prescribed to you a drug that harmed your unborn child, you could sue them for any resulting birth defects.

The crucial thing to remember is to have a lawyer who can help you prove that the medication is linked to the birth defect and that the medical practitioner was aware of your condition when they prescribed it.

When Improper Hospital Procedure Led to Birth Complications

All hospitals have a standard procedure that is followed when a woman is in labor. The process includes checking the status of the mother and the fetus, figuring out if the child is in the correct position, and whether the mother is dilating at the right pace for normal delivery.

If the medical personnel does not follow these procedures when attending to you and the birth leads to defects, you could sue them.

When After-Birth Procedures Lead to Defects

Standard procedure after a child is born includes weighing them, cleaning them, and vaccinating them. If a mistake like a wrong injection leads to a defect, you could sue the doctors and the hospital.

With a birth defect lawyer, you can file a claim and get compensated for the injury and defect your child has suffered as a result of malpractice. Contact a birth defect attorney for more information.