What Causes A Commercial Truck Rollover?

30 June 2020
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Given the weight of the cargo on an 18-wheeler truck, a sudden turn can lead to an 18-wheeler performing a rollover. This affects about 9% of large truck wrecks. This can lead to not only a terrible accident for the commercial driver, but nearby motorists can also collide with the truck as it rolls over. 

Reasons for a Truck Rollover

There are several situations that can cause a truck rollover, including:

  • Dangerous road conditions
  • An improperly trained driver
  • Driver fatigue
  • An improperly loaded commercial truck

A rollover accident involving a truck can either be tripped or untripped. A tripped accident is when the truck collides with an object that causes the truck to roll over. A tripped accident results when the center of gravity changes in a manner that causes the truck to roll over. 

Speeding and reckless driving can lead to a rollover. Regardless of the cause, if the driver was negligent and this negligence led to the rollover, the driver may be held responsible for any injuries that resulted. The truck driver might even receive a ticket from a law enforcement officer that might be used as evidence that the diver was responsible for the accident.

Truck drivers are also required to follow safety standards regarding how cargo should be loaded into a truck. After the accident, make sure to photograph the truck and any cargo that might have spilled out of the truck to prove that the driver was not following safety standards.

Compensation for Truck Rollovers

A truck rollover case can be very complex and often might involve multiple vehicles. Therefore, the insurance provider will likely do everything possible to reduce the benefits that will need to be paid out to each individual involved in the accident. However, when multiple motorists are involved, this means there will be additional witnesses to the accident.

One of the most important types of witnesses of all, however, is an expert witness. This is a professional who knows how to reconstruct the accident to show that the driver engaged in negligence and that this decision led to the accident. Your commercial vehicle wreck attorney will also connect you with an expert witness who will help explain how the accident is directly responsible for your injuries and how long you can expect to wait before you are fully recovered. This can allow you to seek the compensation you deserve.

To learn more, contact a commercial vehicle wreck attorney.