Common Types of Workers Compensation Claims That an Attorney Can Help You With

5 February 2020
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People get hurt on the job in all sorts of different ways. If you have recently been hurt while at work, it might be time for you to work with an attorney and file a workers compensation claim. If you are wondering about the different types of injury claims that people often file and that attorneys can potentially help you with, you can start by taking a look at these examples.

Lung Damage

Having healthy lungs is an important part of living a happy, healthy life. If you have had to work in an area with poor air quality as a part of your job, then you might be suffering from lung damage or lung disease now. Lung damage can have a drastic impact on your quality of life and can require very expensive medical treatments, so it's important to hire an attorney and file a claim if your lung damage is related to your job.

Skin Irritation or Burns

Skin irritation or chemical burns are also common for people who are in the workforce. For example, if you have had to work with harsh chemicals without wearing the appropriate safety gear, then you might have painful chemical burns or other skin issues on your arms or other places on your body. In some cases, these issues are minor. In other cases, they can be more serious. A workers compensation attorney can help you get the medical treatment that you need.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Doing the same things over and over with your hands can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a problem for people who work in an office and have to type all day, and it can also be a problem for factory workers and others who work with their hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be very painful, can impact your ability to work and perform normal tasks on a day-to-day situation, and can require surgery and other expensive medical care.

Back Injuries

Another very common type of work injury is a back injury. Many people strain their backs by having to lift heavy things without having the right equipment, for example, or from having to work while bending over too much. You might suffer from chronic back pain, and you may have to look into options like physical therapy and back surgery. You might not be able to work physical jobs again.

You might be surprised by the many people out there who get injured on the job. If you are one of these people, such as if you suffer from one of the issues listed above, then you should consider contacting a workers compensation lawyer for help.