Did Your Parent Die Recovering From Surgery? Sue The Medical Staff Or Assisted Living Center Today

29 January 2020
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When you send your parent into an assisted living center short term to recover from surgery and they pass away, you immediately need legal representation. You need to find out if this wrongful death was caused by someone at the medical facility after they had surgery, or neglect in the nursing home.

Gathering the most evidence you can right away is important. Here are some of the things that you want to do so you don't lose time-sensitive information for your case, and to get things in motion.

Find a Wrongful Death Attorney

You want to find an attorney that specializes in wrongful death cases, and that is familiar with medical and assisted living abuse. Talk with them about their payment options, to see if they take a deposit, and then wait to see if you get a settlement and compensation to take a portion of their own payment. Finding the right professional is one of the most important things for your case.

Get the Autopsy Information

The lawyer will need the exact cause of death to start on the case, so you want to get the autopsy report as quickly as you can. The autopsy report and pictures of the body can show if there was accidental trauma, medication complications, and it will give more details about what happened. Your lawyer will need this to start working on the case.

Gather All the Costs

Start totaling all the costs, from the surgery to the stay at the assisted nursing facility, and even the expenses of the funeral. You need to total what amount of money was wasted and lost, and then what is owed for your losing your parent too early and unexpectedly. Figure out with legal fees what the expenses are, and then your lawyer will decide what they think you can get.

When you trust a medical professional or an assisted living facility and the staff to take care of your parent after they have surgery, and the result is death, people need to be held accountable. You want to hire a wrongful death lawyer so they can put together a strong case for you, and so you can file a lawsuit against the people that are responsible for your life-changing loss and the devastation that lies ahead of you. Your parent's life shouldn't have been cut short, and you will have to get legal help for compensation.