What Will Happen If You Get Caught Texting and Driving and How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

13 January 2020
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If you are like many people today, you may have a problem staying off your smartphone. If this is true, this means you may be using your phone while driving. Below is information on what will happen to you if you are caught texting and driving, and how an auto accident attorney can help you in this situation.

What Happens

What happens if you get caught texting and driving much depends on the state that you live in. This is because some states have much more stringent laws when it comes to this. You will still get punished no matter where you live, however. 

Some states will only make you pay a monetary fee for texting and driving; this may be less than $100–200 dollars. With other states, you will be charged with a criminal misdemeanor if you get caught using your smartphone while driving.  You will be charged a fine with this type of offense, but you may also have to spend some jail time. Much of this will depend on your record. For example, if you have been caught texting and driving in the past, the chances of you being sent to jail increase. 

If you caused an accident while you were texting and driving, you could go to prison or jail. This will depend if the driving was severely injured or only injured slightly. 

How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

Because you are at fault for texting and driving, you will need to hire an auto accident attorney. They may be able to prevent you from going to jail or reduce the amount of time you receive. If you gravely injured another driver or pedestrian, the auto accident will go to court and you could face the previously-mentioned consequences. In a case like this, you will prefer legal representation.

On the other hand, if you think you were not texting and driving, the auto accident attorney can help determine this. One way is to look at your smartphone records. If you were texting it will show a date and time that you were on your smartphone. If there is no date or time on the phone, then your case could get thrown out of court. 

If you find yourself with a texting and driving case, your auto accident attorney can answer questions you may have. This can help reduce at least some of the stress you are feeling.